Mike Tyson: I’m Worried About Chris Brown

Who knew Mike Tyson had a soft spot for Chris Brown? The legendary boxer stopped by 95.5 PLJ Morning Show Tuesday morning (Oct. 29) and had these words of wisdom to bestow when asked about Chris Brown’s recent misdemeanor.

“I like and admire that little guy but what he really needs to understand is that eventually, if you keep doing that stuff, people will turn on you, they make you bad. He’s selling out arenas and they could make happy people turn. He could say, ‘Never me,’ cause that’s what I said but they could call me the greatest fighter but they couldn’t book anybody. No one wanted anything to do with me … I’m just worried about him and he’s a really sweet kid with some overbearing pressures. If he keeps getting these violent cases, they’re gonna put him somewhere where all they do is assault people.”

Watch Iron Mike share his advice to Breezy in the full interview above.