Miley Cyrus To Matt Lauer: ‘You’re Definitely Not Sexual’

Ask Miley Cyrus about her sexuality and you may end up looking the fool on national television. TODAY Show veteran Matt Lauer learned the hard way when he sat down on the Plaza with the pop star during her special early bird set Monday (Oct. 7) to celebrate the release of her album < a href="">Bangerz, which hit stores today.

“Is the sexual side of you something that’s gonna be here for a while or are you going to move on to something else?,” Lauer asked in the cringe-worthy Q&A. Miley then responded, “Well I heard that when you turn 40, things start to go a little less sexual,” motioning downward. “Probably around 40, that’s when I heard people don’t have sex anymore.”

Lauer then walked right into the door by asking the twerking songstress, “Do you know how old I am?”

“I’m gonna guess 40,” she says as Lauer nearly jumps for joy to admit he’s actually 55. “Then you’re definitely not sexual,” Cyrus shot back.

Watch the awkward exchange above.