Music Video Premiere: Junior Sanchez Takes Evolved Snapshots Of “The Future”

Junior Sanchez and uplifting house music have been synonymous from the moment the New Jersey DJ-producer touched his first piece of vinyl. Today (October 14), Sanchez hasn’t skipped a beat in his tireless methods to music mixology and ability to permeate the aural senses whilst punching up the emotional. Junior’s mesmerizing record, “The Future,” comes complete with a visual social message, mixing political and cultural snapshots from the past and present.

“Todd Terry and Michael Moog came over my house and were both really captivated by the track and its hypnotic message, the emotional feel of the classic piano riff of When In Rome’s ‘The Promise’. We decided to make a great visual experience video, with an idea from a iPhone app that scrolls through pictures really fast. We put a collection of shots that meant a lot to me and also reflects a lot of what’s going on socially today in the world and into the future.”— Jr Sanchez

Junior Sanchez single “The Future” out on Brobot Records Oct 14th 2013, Directed By Michael Moog, Timur, Jr Sanchez