‘My Crazy Roommate’ Inspired by Classic Sitcoms ‘Living Single’ And ‘Martin’

Bounce TV, the first 24/7 digital multicast broadcast network that was created exclusively for African Americans, aired a new scripted comedy series titled My Crazy Roommate. The new sitcom was inspired by creator and executive producer Bentley Kyle Evans, who was executive producer for both classic shows Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show. Evans said that My Crazy Roommate was created from experiencing his family and friends interacting with roommates who were completely opposite of each other.

The new sitcom stars Laila Odom as a Brooklyn hipster named Brooke, and Brittany Richards as a rich “valley girl” named Chloe, who both have different personalities and battle the challenges of living together.

Living Single is one of the best shows ever,” says Odom. “The Martin Show, we haven’t seen any shows like that in a while, and I think it’s time for us to get back to scripted TV and get away from reality TV.”

My Crazy Roommate airs every Monday at 10PM EST on Bounce TV.