Natural Girls United Create Dolls with Natural Hair [Photos]


For decades, our Barbie dolls have all looked the same: tall and skinny with straight hair. Just months after being recreated with the body of an average girl, another company brings us one step closer to a realistic portrayal. Natural Girls United, created by Karen Byrd, take black dolls and give them customized hair do’s. Very much in line with the natural hair movement, styles include afro, locs and twists.

“I had dolls that were gorgeous, but they didn’t look like me. When I looked in the mirror, I would be confused — like, am I beautiful? People are excited that the dolls look like themor their children or the people in their community,” she told HuffPost. “It makes them feel good about themselves,” she recently told Huffington Post.

At the moment, there is a waitlist to purchase your own, but Byrd hopes to expand globally alongside her customers. Check out the site here and flip the page for her most popular styles.