New Video: DJ Khaled — ‘Never Surrender’ feat. Scarface, Akon, Jadakiss, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Meek Mill

DJ Khaled is hip-hop’s social butterfly; just check out the tracklist for his latest LP Suffering From Success. One of the biggest posse cuts on the LP is Track 12, “Never Surrender,” featuring the unlikely mix of Scarface, Akon, Anthony Hamilton, Jadakiss, John Legend and Meek Mill. Somehow, DJ Khaled, being the guy that he is, managed to get the motley bunch together for a seven-minute video that feels like a mini-Training Day saga. Snitches, arrests, hustlin’, unnecessary shooting, murder weapons — it’s all there. Even Rick Ross and French Montana make cameos, because the more the f*cking merrier.

Suffering From Success drops Oct. 22.