New York Comic Con Uses Attendees Badges To Tweet From Their Account

If you’re registered for this year’s New York Comic Con, you may want to be careful about syncing your badge with your social media accounts.

This year, conference organizers Reedpop allowed people to pre-register their badges online. Armed with radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) that are tied to a user’s identity in order to curb counterfeiters. A great idea, yes, but when attendees accepted their registration, it wasn’t explicitly stated that NYCC could post to your Facebook or Twitter on their behalf.

As people began to check in to the convention on Thursday, many published tweets looked authentic (and were written in conversational language), but were not written by attendees. Hashtagging and basically just using promotional-jargon, the New York Comic Convention has been making comic book fans upset.

“#NYCC is the Best Four Days of my Year!” is one of the most common ones flooding timelines, according to both an article on Mashable.

The convention hasn’t had an official response yet, but the New York Comic Con auto-tweets have instantly gone viral throughout the comics industry.

Props: Comic Book