Next Designer: Served Fresh Collection Targets Biggie and Tupac, Miley, and Trayvon Martin

Served Fresh

Name: Served Fresh!
IG: ServedFresh
Twitter: ServedFreshLive

Why we like them: With brands dropping every day, it’s hard to stand out and catch the eye of hundreds and that’s exactly what Served Fresh did. A simple post on IG sent the social media world buzzing and confirmed why they are Vixen’s next designers.

We came together: “We wanted to do something that was really unique and communicate what we were thinking creatively on a variety of different levels. How we can take what was happening socially and translate that into art, and how we can create a clothing brand with a distinct presence so that when you saw one of our pieces, you immediately made a connection to our brand and what we were trying to communicate?”

The brand is a long time in the making: “We were officially incepted September 24, 2012, but we were in the making for over 2 years.”

The concept is: “The Served Fresh brand, name and concept is based off of bakery metaphors and the premise being that we’re constantly creating something new. It’s not a traditional brand where you have a fall line, winter line, etc. We’re always creating a new piece and feeding off of what’s happening around us. The donut is our key logo. Then we introduced the chef logo just to reinforce the theme. All of our packages are similar to that of a bakery. If you were to purchase any garment, it would come packaged similar to the way a cake would come.”

The brand style is: “It’s luxury because we offer a premium product. All of our pieces have a ton of detail and are made on good quality fabrics. It’s urban in the sense that it’s really accessible and falls in the category of a street wear brand. Our core customer at this point is urban. It’s chic because it’s it can be dressed up and dressed down.

The team designs together: “It’s a collaborative effort. Nothing that we do goes out the door or into production until we have feedback from everyone. We want a collective effort of support behind the scenes. Everyone on board has to feel passionate about the piece so they can promote it and push it with the same passion as if they designed it. Everyone has a say in the product that we put out.”

Our celebrity wish list is: “Rihanna, Teyana Taylor,  and King B. Rico Love, Jay-Z, Fabolous–he’s just a great representation of Brooklyn, NY, and Kanye West. He has this quintessential presence that exudes fashion. He knows what he wants and he’s fearless.”

They plan to expand: “We definitely want to do some partnerships. We see what we’re doing as wearable art and that going to take us in a different direction. We don’t want to do the typical stuff like hats; we want to do something a little different like baby toys, really unique towels, and skateboards. We don’t look on what apparel to work on next, but what next space do we want to present our brand onto.

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