Next: Spotlight On EDM Topliner Carly Burns

Who is Carly Burns, and why should you give a shit about her? The talented singer, songwriter and musician is the next talent to climb through the EDM obstacle course who shows no signs of tripping up. Carly exudes confidence. A sweets as she is humble, don’t be fooled by the blonde’s beauty…she’s got “big balls” mentality to match her big vocals. Burns’ maze-crawl is impressive; She’s collaborated with Chooky and Blackmill, received recognition from guys like Bassnectar and 12th Planet, and has landed a starring role in the electronic trio FIGHT CLVB (who recently released their Beatport-topping record on Afrojack’s Wall imprint). This week, her stunning collab with DJ Eco was released on Enhanced Recordings. In “Hurt,” emotions will wash over you as Burns’ powerful lyrics crash against your awe-stricken body.

But, don’t take it from us. Take a listen and get to know Carly as you will soon find yourself cheering her on.

VIBE: How did you get started in the music-world? What’s your musical style?

Carly: I started playing violin at the age of 3 and piano at 5, but singing was definitely my main passion. Musically I love everything from Vivaldi to The Rolling Stones; I find inspiration and appreciation in every genre and I’m dabbling in many different styles now.

You’ve got a killer fashion-sense. Describe your look and please let us know where can we get it.

Thank you! Just like my taste in music, I enjoy mixing different pieces. A little Mick Jagger and a little Marilyn Monroe. Glamour & Rock and Roll. My go to stores are and All Saints.

What inspired you to cover Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt” and how did you link up with DJ Eco?

Eco approached me with the concept and of course I was down! I am a die-hard fan of Johnny Cash [his version was the last song Cash released before his death]. [So] it’s been an honor but definitely emotional to cover such a powerful track. A mutual friend sent my vocals to Eco a while ago and we had been playing with ideas for a while.

We’re especially attracted to your persona both onstage and off. Where do you find confidence in a genre that is not driven by singer-songwriters [but instead, DJs]?

It’s an honor to be working alongside such talented producers. I enjoy the fact that the people making the music are getting the spotlight in the same respect, [and] I find confidence from the fact that the music I perform is mine.

If you could collaborate with any (non-electronic) artist who would it be and why? Electronic?

Carly: The Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger is a God. Flux Pavilion because I can’t stop.

What can we expect from you in the remainder of 2013?

I’m just getting started. Lot’s of live shows and a music video for “Hurt” is soon to be released! I’ll probably get in lots of fights and eat ice cream and spend money too.

Carly Burns also hinted at a new record, so be on the lookout:

I have a dubstep track releasing in November on Play Me [Records] with Des McMahon