Nicole Winhoffer Speaks on Training Mya and Madonna with Her Unique Workout, Her Celebrity Client Wishlist, and Gives Must-Know Diet Tips


Six diet tips to add to your diet:

If these tips are routine, they’ll start to become apart of your life. These small changes will make a huge difference.

1. Wake up, Drink Cold Water

When you wake up in the morning drink 10 gulps of ice-cold water because it clears dehydration from your sleep. Any build up you have of toxins from the nighttime it cleanses them with water. If that’s the first thing in your stomach, your body recognizes that as complete fluid—no toxins or sugar so your body can stabilize it fast. The ice cold raises your metabolism, because it makes your body have to digest and because your body temperature is high from sleeping, the cold brings it down from being hot over night. It also curves your appetite for breakfast. When you have that water, it kind of fills you up.

Photo Credit: Your Life Tube