Nielsen To Roll Out Twitter TV Ratings

The Twitter hashtag has allowed people to drum up more buzz for their programs with the increasing digital movement. But, now Nielsen has gotten into the act by ranking shows with the greatest traction on the microblogging social network.

“Nielsen Twitter TV Ranking,” which was announced last December, will be the barometer to measure the unique audience tweeting about individual programs. The data will show that the degree of “must-see TV” will differentiate between the ages.

Marketers will see the opportunity in taking those analytics which have traction with Twitter users and translate that into greater attention for the program’s advertisements. After filing an initial public offering to the tune of $1 billion, Twitter aims to tap into entertainment avenues that could generate huge ad revenue for the social media site. In addition to its healthy music platform, the company is tying itself to TV networks in order to amplify the brand’s awareness around the globe.

Last month, Twitter even signed a deal with CBS that will enable the television network to embed video clips from a wide variety of its show in its tweets. Accompanied by short advertisements, Twitter’s Amplify program will allow partners, in turn, to target their videos at their users with promoted tweets.

Props: New York Times