Nipsey Hussle Talks Jay Z Copping 100 ‘Crenshaw’ Mixtapes

Nipsey Hussle made a boss move when he put his Crenshaw mixtape up for grabs at $100 a pop. The self-made campaign, championing the motto “quality over quantity,” eventually got the attention of Jay Z, who posted up a stack of hard copies on his Life+Times site. Turns out Hov forwarded $10,000 to Nipsey’s crew as a “salute.”

“They sent us $10,000, we sent out 100 CDs,” the Slauson Hills rapper told MTV News. “I ain’t get the chance to holler at Jay, but through his people he made it clear that he respected everything, so I was just humbled by it. It felt like it was a good risk. It ended up working out.”

Watch him discuss the humblebrag above.