Octavia Spencer To Star In NBC’s ‘Murder, She Wrote’ Reboot

Back in the day, Murder, She Wrote was one of the most popular crime series aside from Matlock. NBC is hoping that Octavia Spencer can revive the feeling for a new audience.

The Oscar-winning actress has been brought in by NBC to star in a new take on the acclaimed series. Spencer, who won the award for her role in The Help, will take on Angela Lansbury’s role as an amateur detective in the modern take on the long-running series.

The pilot episode will be an hour-long effort, and more in line of shows such as Fox’s Bones. Spencer will depart from the “retired school teacher” act to play a hospital administrator and sleuth, who publishes her first mystery novel.

Despite its more updated feel, NBC and others believe that the remake should retain the original Murder, She Wrote theme music.

NBC recently canceled another rebooted show, Ironside, which starred Blair Underwood in a role originally held by Raymond Burr. So, will Murder, She Wrote be held to the same stringent expectations?

In addition to Murder, She Wrote, NBC is also developing shows based on Remington Steele and Reality Bites.

Props: SlashFilm