Papoose Agrees Kendrick Lamar’s BET Cypher Diss Was Directed at Him, Not Drake

It was going on a month since the last Papoose diss track made its way online. As Papoose quietly bathed in his summer’s post-diss track bliss, a snippet from Kendrick Lamar’s 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher surfaced with the notable line “Nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control.’ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes/ Haha joke’s on you, high five…I’m bulletproof/ Your shit never penetrates/ Pin the tail on the donkey, boy you been a fake.”

Thought to be a dig at Drake, who released his third LP Nothing Was the Same last month, another theory emerged that the line was actually a diss at the diss-loving, stage-bombing Papoose.

Papoose infamously went after Lamar following the release of his “Control” verse in August. On his “Control’ Freestyle,” Papoose called Lamar a “f$#ing joke” and finished off with the poetic line: “Strip him to his socks, I bet you he got a pussy/ My bullets hit ‘em dead in his cooty, come out his booty.”

Flip back to Lamar’s cypher with the shout-outs to being “bulletproof” and “pajama clothes,” and it appears the diss is directed at Papoose. One person who thinks so too? Papoose!

I agree with the people,” Papoose said in an XXL interview about K Dot’s cypher. “I looked at the majority and they were saying he was going at me. So I agree with the listeners, I agree with the fans. They say majority rules, so I agree with the majority.”

Papoose added that he was already planning a diss track (how predictable) to the cypher. “Yeah yeah, [Kendrick] can’t fuck with me,” he says. “He’ll never be able to shine my shoes, lyrically. So I’m just gonna be able to continue to prove that, to show and prove, like I did on ‘Control.’ This is hip-hop, I love hip-hop, but I just want to continue to show and prove that he can’t fuck with me lyrically. You can look forward to that in my next release, straight up. I live in the studio, that’s my second home. So yeah, I’m definitely going to respond.”

Papoose isn’t waiting to hear the rest of Kendrick’s cypher. “I don’t gotta wait, he’s very predictable,” he adds. “I already know what he’s capable of and what he’s gonna say; he’s very predictable. I don’t gotta wait. I can go right now and crush that little 15-second shit he did. That ain’t even about nothing. The guy’s predictable; he’s a very predictable artist. I already know what he’s gonna say before he even says it.”

To read the rest of Papoose’s interview with XXL, head here.