Phone Jack: Tom Trago’s Private Cell Phone Photos Exposed


Tom Trago is one of the biggest underground DJs to come out of the Netherlands. His new video for lead single “True Friends” features Ben Westbeech and San Proper and exudes positivity, mounting electric melodies, and plenty of carefree bounce. Tom’s wardrobe in the video, suits the character of the song perfectly as it reminds VIBE of the Fred Astaire persona.

His forthcoming EP The Light Fantastic saw Tom reverting back to basics. It was semi inspired by his global travels and the range of musical genres he experienced in those countries including deep house, classic boogie, Chicago jack and raw funk. Trago compared the process of creating his album to that of finishing a puzzle: “the tracks are all there in my head, like a puzzle, and I have to make all the pieces fit together”.

The global superstar is currently on an international city tour. This will include an appearance in this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), where he will be battling meat maestro Seth Troxler in the annual ADE DJ Cook Off. Tom Trago is just another reason why you should go to ADE

New album The Light Fantastic will be released October 21st. Check Out The Light Fantastic sampler below while checking out his private cell phone photos. –>

Photo Credit: Nick Helderman