The Plus 1: When Social Media and Events Collide

In the age of posts, hashtags and retweets, social media has totally revolutionized the event throwing industry. Long gone are the hopes of seeing a party flyer for the next big event, or even hearing about where the secret kickback is going to be through word of mouth. Nowadays, you can track where the nearest soiree is by simply doing a random Internet search. Through the ebbs and flows of our social media lives, we’ve seen the “Dark Ages”: party promoters assaulting your Facebook inboxes telling how their party is the “Next Big Thing”, or asking if you wanted a “free” birthday event. But as everything else evolves, this new class of social entrepreneurs have learned to adapt to the social climate and are using these networks to get their ideas out farther than they could even imagine.

The first step of creating the perfect party scenario in 2013 is evaluating market needs. Events like “1,000 Bottles,” “HennyPalooza,” and “Brunch Bounce” all came from their creators recognizing that something was missing from their nightlife experiences. Irving Benitez, creator of the NYC-established “Brunch Bounce” event series, came up with the idea for his event after visiting the famous Washington Heights neighborhood and couldn’t find a satisfying brunch. “HennyPalooza” founder Kameron McCullough came up with his event after wanting to have an “intimate gathering” of friends where Hennessy was the spirit of choice. These influencers created organic experiences for their friends and saw a vision where they could take it further. James Murray along with his business partner Francis Roberts created the “1,000 Bottles” experience during the Howard Homecoming Weekend, and in a land where there are literally numerous “official” events; the two Howard alums have used social networks in order to separate from the pack. In the promotion for these events, simply creating and using a Twitter hashtag not only generates more traffic and interest, but also keeps track of analytics for potential partnerships with sponsors. There’s no need to have someone vouch for your event when you have thousands of digital impressions spanning the Internet.

With the only thing remaining constant being change, it was only a matter of time where these digital ringleaders use their social voice to amplify their initial vision. “This new breed of event provides a sense of intimacy for our patrons,” says Benitez, who recently took his “#BrunchBounce” to Miami for the first time recently. “By using the hashtag #BrunchBounce, it allows anyone who’s never heard of the event to get a second hand perspective of it, which creates interest to see it for themselves.” It’s this mindset that allows for these types of events to shine through. As James Murray put it, “Working in this digital space allows for us for touch so many people in an instant. It allows for us to keep our core demographic while allowing for potential party-goers to get involved.” While the fancy, industry-type club events are falling by the way side; these new social-driven events are taking the main stage, and are gaining ground with each successful venture. “We all have different visions, but the same goal,” says McCullough. “We want to create the best experiences for our friends and the people who support us. It’s up to us to repay them with the most fun time we can provide for them. It’s the Harlem Renaissance of event throwing.”

Cory Townes is a Digital Content Producer born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. His work has been featured in, The Grio, and other media publications. For more of his work, visit and follow him on Twitter at @CoryTownes.

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Critics appeared to be upset about the film's storyline which depicted the true relationship between jazz pianist and composer Dr. Don Shirley (played by Ali) and Tony "Lip" Vallelonga (Viggo Mortensen). In the movie, Shirley, a black man from the deep South in 1962, hires an unemployed, white bouncer from the Bronx as his security to escort him during a the segregation era. During their journey, the two develop an unbreakable bond while confronting their differences. The backlash came after Shirley's family stated that the film and Ali's portrayal was inaccurate and filled with lies.

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After thanking various contributors who helped her nab the win, King addressed a more important issue. "The reason why we do this is because we understand that our microphones are big and we are speaking for everyone," she said. "And I just want to say that I’m going to use my platform right now to say in the next two years, everything that I produce, I’m making a vow — it’s going to be tough — to make sure that everything that I produce that is 50% women."

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Moët & Chandon and Virgil Abloh celebrate the Launch of Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé c/o Virgil Abloh™ in New York City.

Virgil Abloh Launches Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé In NYC

Fashion powerhouse Virgil Abloh has joined forces with Moët & Chandon to re-design two limited edition bottles of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé champagne.

Launched on Wednesday (Oct. 17), the creative visionary and #1 best selling rosé champagne hosted an exclusive event at New York City's New Museum to preview the exclusive designs. Working closely with Moët to curate the experience, Abloh debuted a  3L jeroboam, available exclusively to the friends and family, as well as a 750ml “ready-to-wear” design at the high-profile event.

Marking the creative's first-ever liquor brand collaboration, Vice President of Moët & Chandon USA Renaud Butel and Abloh toasted to the “new wave” of  Moët & Chandon, nodding to Abloh's signature  “DO NOT DROP” styling.

The event was soundtracked by DJ Venus X, who provided energetic beats while guests enjoyed a four-course meal designed to pair with Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé champagne, with the final course being paired with two custom cocktails–“The New Classic” and “The Drop”–created specifically for this event.

The special and celebratory night ended on a high note, when the crowd was treated to a surprise DJ performance by Abloh himself.

A jack of all trades, Virgil Abloh has a passion for DJing and producing and recently debuted his own Beats 1 Radio Show on Apple Music dubbed 'Televised Radio." This latest collaboration continues a blockbuster year that has seen him become the artistic director of Louis Vutton menswear, and continued success with his series of collaborative sneakers with Nike and his company Off-White.

Originally announced in September, the 750ml "ready-to-wear" design is now available for $60 at retailers nationwide, as well as online at

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