Premiere: Download Flight Facilities ‘Clair De Lune’ Ft. Christine Hoberg (Them Jeans Edit)

Taking flight today (October 15) is the long-awaited remix package for Flight Facilities ‘Clair De Lune’ feat. Christine Hoberg. It’s been a year since the original record released like a sonic journey into blissed-out dream-state. Imagine a Hennessy and a Valium… in music form, and no chance of overdosing– this is ‘Clare De Lune.’ And now, a tribute to the track is being paid with remixes from Prins Thomas (vinyl/digital), Crazy P (vinyl/digital), Them Jeans (digital) & Motez (digital).

The ethereal edit from Cali’s alpine (literally…he’s 6’8″) talent spinner, Them Jeans, shows true art comes through restraint. Rather than bastardizing an elegant tune, his slight knob turns pay homage to the original.

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