Preview: High Amps Meets High Art In New KOAN Sound & Asa Release

Bristol artists KOAN Sound and Asa have teamed up together to bring electronic music from out below the underground and into the high arts with their new collaboration EP ‘Sanctuary.’ Within the first few seconds, you are immediately propelled into a euphoric state as your ears are graced with the sounds of lush strings and live drum, which is followed by somber piano keys and shimmering synths. It is without a doubt that this is an EP that will take the genre up into a whole different level, diving in headfirst into a realm of pure instrumental experimentation. It also proves that OWSLA record label has a bit of a soft side in contradiction to its usual dubstep/DnB bangers more associated with label founder Skrillex.

Catch a sampler of the EP below before it drops October 22 via Inspected/OWSLA recs. Preorder here.