Pusha T Gives One Of His Most Revealing Interviews on Juan Epstein

Pusha visited the Hot 97’s self-proclaimed hip-hop nerd talk show Juan Epstein to talk about his debut solo album, “My Name Is My Name.” Pusha sits down with Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg for about an hour and drops select jewels like:

- How he has spent years resetting his listeners to not expect No Malice on his songs
– Kids thinking that he’s a new rapper (he tells a story about how his godson’s friend thought Pusha T was Tyler, the Creator’s artist)
– Kanye demanding nine dark tracks for Pusha’s album
– Pusha flying to Cali and arguing with Kanye to get 12 tracks on the albun
– No Malice taught him how to rap
– “My Name Is My Name” is still coke talk and parallels to the street
– Him and Kanye sit around and talk about people that are biting styles in the industry
– He was the first rapper to (get on Twitter and) respond to “Control”, and follow it with the first song with Kendrick
– Pusha doesn’t feel like the album is doing something different, but instead comparable to albums by the greats
– “Hell Hath No Fury” is better than “Lord Willin” (YUP)
– Clipse had almost no leftover cuts – every song made it in to their albums
– Not giving checks to old rappers
– the album cover wasn’t his idea (Kanye is reverentially referred to as “He” here)
– Joaquin Phoenix A&R’d the beat (gave it to Kanye) that everyone thought he produced