Q&A: Klaypex Talks New Album And Rihanna Dreams


The bass heavy duo (recently they’ve added a third member) Klaypex are being reborn into the world of electro house with a new member Travis, and their new teaser track “I Walk Alone” solidifies their place on the EDM scene. With numerous big drops, the track builds anticipation for their new sound and fan base. Dubbed similar to Bingo Players, Madeon and Deorro “I Walk Alone” is undeniably worth a listen. American electronic act, Klaypex took time out to spill about their new album, Rihanna dreams and why their music is the gateway to get into electronic music in VIBE’s exclusive Q&A.

VIBE: So what really started you off? What was your inspiration to start producing dance music?

Klaypex: We’ve always been into electronic music, and so when we started making rock music we began getting more and more involved in the production side of things, and over time as we became better producers our interest in creating dance music seemed to be the most logical direction to go.

Has the scene changed a lot since you’ve started?

Yes it has quite drastically. Dance music hit the mainstream in a massive way really fairly recently, as recently as 2011. Whereas Dubstep was the phenomenon that introduced a big new crowd, it has since evolved and perpetuated into something grander.

Who do you think are the pioneers in changing the game right now?

Right now, Deadmau5 and Skrillex.

What are the non-dance music influences of yours?

Outside of dance music, we are fans of Radiohead, Muse, Oasis, Placebo, Sublime, Pixies, and others. Of course we can’t deny ourselves the guilty pleasures of pop from time to time. Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.

Do you think these artists help shape your unique sound?

In a way every piece of music we hear shapes the way our music will sound. It’s inevitable but there is something to be taken and learned from every piece of music out there.

Are these influences going to be changing up your sound on the new single?

Definitely. We feel that as people and artists we’re maturing and as such our sound evolving.

If someone who had no idea who you were, what are three reasons they should listen to you?

We’ve been told that our music is fairly unique and one thing we hear frequently is that our music was the gateway for many people to get into dance music. Perhaps that means our style is likable and you should listen to it.

Any big things in the pipeline for Klaypex?

Lots of big things. New single, new member, new EP shortly after with music videos, remix packs, loads of live dates and more!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

We’d collaborate with Rihanna, she has an awesome vibe.