Q&A: Sander Van Doorn Talks New Single, Label Plans, Pharrell Dreams

Sander van Doorn Caught up with VIBE at Amsterdam Dance Event 2013 to chat about his new single on Roc Nation, some Hova hopes and Sander’s plans for his own label, Doorn Records. Kick back from Clog Country with Sander van Doorn now…

Last time we met was at ADE 2012, and you gave us the big exclusive that you were signed to Roc Nation. Where are we with that now?
We’re about to release “Nothing Inside,” and they’ve been very secretive about the release so far but we spoke with the guys last month and they’re ready to go. Really excited.

What about on your own label?
We had the kickoff last night [at ADE]. Sold out, absolutely insane. It’s the best way to start a tour.

How was the party?
Insane, crazy.

Tell me something crazy that happened last night.
It was a late one actually. Nothing too crazy, it was just a phenomenal show. A lot of people were there, also a lot of people from the industry. I had a few shots and a bit of a headache right now, but it’s the best cake I could have wished for.

So what’s happening with Doorn right now?
Well Doorn Records has blown up over the past couple of months. The last record, “Tsunami” by DVBBS and Borgeous, is number one right now in Holland. The track is blowing up everywhere. Besides that, just the whole label is blowing up. It’s becoming one or two release a week.

Are you EDM Jay Z now?
Who knows? It’s a nice goal to set for myself.

How do you decide whom you’re going to release?
We got a lot of tracks set in. I worked together with Spinnin’ Records on that one. I get a lot of tracks, and select which ones I like for the label. Then it’s a full process of guiding the tracks into the finished product, and that’s basically it. I plug it, I push it – in some cases I will take the artists on tour with me.

Who is the next artist you’re bringing on tour with you?
I’ve already toured with a lot of guys, from Dubvision to Firebeatz. For the tour, we’re actually looking into setting up dates and locations. It’s going to be released in a couple of weeks.

Is there any rap collaborations you want to work on?
I’m looking at Pharrell right now. I absolutely love his voice and would definitely do something with him.

What are your thoughts on him as a producer?
I like him, especially this whole collaboration with Daft Punk. It’s definitely a really Daft Punk sound as well. I love the album (Random Access Memories), and it’s the whole combination – it’s electronic music but it’s not. It’s geared more towards pop these days – but it’s got a really nice good-feel to it.

What would you do if Miley Cyrus approached you to do a track with her?
She’s pretty interesting at the moment. Obviously, she’s working on her whole new image with twerking and naked videos. What happens happens, you know?

Anything else you want to add?
The label tour is going to be very big next year. I’m thinking about working towards a new art sound as well, so I’ll be focusing a lot on studio work for next year. That’s going to be really exciting.