Queen Latifah Covers More Magazine; Talks Close Friendship with Jada Pinkett Smith

Queen Latifah for More Magazine

It looks like Queen Latifah employed a wind fan for her More Magazine feature. The TV host dons a wide smile and honey blonde locks as she gushes about bestie Jada Pinkett Smith. The two met over 20 years ago and since then, Smith has been a shoulder to lean on through rough times, including her brother’s death.

“Jada [Pinkett-Smith] was the ?rst person who got me to go to therapy. I was really having problems dealing with the loss. I didn’t feel,” says the Oscar nominee.  “It was like I had a circuit breaker. When I felt any emotion too much, whether it was joy, fear, love, it would turn right off. So that was scaring me. I thought I was about to live my life not living my life. I was doing things to numb whatever was left or looking for little rushes of some sort. Going through the motions, doing my job, showing up for work but not feeling.”
Today, the groundbreaking rapper is enjoying a TV resurgence thanks to her talk show, which she calls a “learning experience” where she can “make mistakes and learn and grow.” Pinkett, who executive-produces the gab fest, echoes the same sentiments while gushing about her good friend in return.
“She was barefoot, wrapped in this African garb with the headpiece [when I first met her]. I was so impressed with this black woman my age who was representing herself as an African queen. It was a bold statement in a very male-dominated industry.”
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