Queens Student Racially Profiled At Barney’s Store

Trayon Christian, a 19-year old student from Corona, Queens, is on the front page of today’s Daily News after being detained by the NYPD following a purchase that he made at Barney’s New York on Madison Ave. It isn’t the crime that’s outrageous, though–it’s the fact that undercover police officers racially profiled Christian following his purchase.

Christian describes getting a paycheck from his job at the New York City College of Technology and heading right to Barney’s to purchase a Ferragamo belt that he had seen some of his favorite rappers sporting. After buying the belt, he wasn’t even a block away from the store when two undercover cops confronted him, asking how he got the money for such an expensive belt and handcuffing him after he showed them his state ID. He was brought to the 19th precinct station-house, all the while feeling, “nervous the whole time.” After an uncertain amount of time, he was let go.

Now he’s filing a lawsuit against Barney’s for racial profiling. He recalls, ““The detectives were asking me, ‘How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from?’” The cops told him that Barney’s had alerted them to his fake card and called them to arrest him. After being released from his holding cell, he promptly returned the belt to Barney’s for a full refund and now refuses to shop there ever again, calling the incident “cruel” and “racist”.

Barney’s had no comment following the story. I wonder if Jay-Z has an opinion on this, seeing how he’s teaming up with Barney’s for an upcoming Holiday collection.

via Daily News