Rappers B-Real, Xzibit & Demrick Form ‘Serial Killers’ Rap Group

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The West is back with a new release from hip-hop legends B-Real and Xzibit. As a part of their long overdue collaborative project, the twosome will add Demrick to the fold rounding out as the trifecta “Serial Killers.”

Dropping on October 31st, the rap world will witness a barrage of lyricism and wit that hasn’t been seen in ages when Serial Killers Vol. 1 hits shelves as a Halloween treat.

The Cypress Hill front-man conceived the group effort when he envisioned putting together a lethal arsenal of emcees whose sole purpose would be to murder everyone and everything. While him and X-to-the-Z were sharing a studio in Los Angeles, up-and-coming rapper Demrick (formerly known as Young De) bullied mics left and right to earn his spot next to the proverbial West coast legends.

“It was organic and took a natural progression,” Xzibit stated in a recent interview. The three worked and toured, both independently and together, which allowed the trio to mesh their skill sets and create a body of work that would “surprise new and old fans alike.”

Armed with the young spitters’ fresh outlook, B-Real and Xzibit combine their inherent skill and talent to put the rest of the rap game on blast!

The threesome linked up with acclaimed director Matt Alonzo (Lil’ Wayne, “Gossip”) to shoot “First 48,” which will be the initial video from the project. Premiering on SKEE TV, you can watch the behind-the-scenes look below: