RBMA Presents: Culture Clash Miami


The Spot: October 24th Grand Central Miami FL 4 Insane Collectives, 4 Wild Rounds, 1 Champion. Miami… get ready for the ultimate sound system battle, hosted by YouTube sensation Pepe Billete, using his signature Miami witty one-liners to talk you through the biggest music competition of the year! The Contenders: Slow Roast Records Slow Roast Records was founded by the renowned DJ Craze and innovative legend producer Kill The Noise back in 2009. The collective includes two musicians living two very different life stories and known for their musical diversity and style. www.slowroastrecs.com

Basshead Music Basshead Music was founded by UK producer DJ A-Sides and Miami DJ/Label Owner/Promoter/Venue Owner Juan Basshead in 2001 and were one of the first collectives to introduce the States to Dubstep. They will bring the crazy bass and dance floor-fillers to the battle. http://bassheadmusic.com
Video streaming by Ustream Moombahton Massive Moombahton Massive mix up the competition with their reggaeton beats and house tunes; fuelled by the rhythm, good vibes and empanadas. They were created in 2010 by Nadastrom (Dave Nada and Matt Mordstrom) and DJ Sabo. http://moombahtonmassive.tumblr.com
Black Chiney/ Eccentrix Sound Black Chiney bring the Jamaican flavour to the party consisting of six Black Chinese Jamaicans; Supa Dups, Bobby Chin, Willy Chin, Walshy Killa, Special K & Brandon Lee. They are joining with Eccentrix Sound who bring their signature blend of dancehall, hip-hop and house. http://eccentrixsound.com
Breakdown of the Rounds: In true Jamaican sound clash style, each collective brings their own sound system and sets up on one of the four individual stages. Round One: Temperature’s Rising Each DJ Collective gets seven minutes to get the crowd hype! Round Two: The Selector Crews will be judged on their song selection and presentation. Round Three: Sleeping With The Enemy This round turns up the heat, with DJs playing their own interpretation of another collective’s signature sound. Round Four: The Decider The final round is the last chance for competitors to bring out their best tunes with dub plate specials and exclusive live performances, no ordinary records allowed! The winner will be crowned based on the amount of love they receive from the audience, judged by a decibel meter after the second, third and final round. The Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash first started in London in 2010. The battle was created to celebrate sound system culture everywhere and in turn has influenced today’s hip-hop, dancehall and EDM. It promises to be a unique experience that unites genres and generations alike. Previous contestants include: Major Lazer, Soul II Soul, Trouble & Bass, SMOG and special guests Pusha T, George Clinton, 2 Chainz, DMX, Camíron, Johnny Osbourne and Usher. Get your tickets here! Check out photos from past events For more information on the RBMA click here