Real Husbands of Hollywood: Boris Kodjoe Ready For R. Kelly Comparisons

Boris Kodjoe is ready for his close-up, as usual. Not only does Season 2 of Real Husbands of Hollywood premiere on the BET network following the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards, but Kodjoe will make his debut as a R&B crooner/German MC in one of cyphers during the 2013 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

“I had to rap in German of course, to keep it real,” says the Deutschland native. “They’re huge on the rap. They have great hip-hop culture at home.” Kodjoe was raised in Germany before moving stateside to pursue a modeling and then acting career. His latest stint in front of cameras has been starring as himself on BET’s hilarious Real Housewives spoof Real Husbands of Hollywood, alongside Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, JB Smoove and Duane Martin.

“It’s going to be crazy fights, hair pulling, tasteful nudity, un-tasteful nudity, offensive nudity,” Kodjoe says of what to expect on the new season of Real Husbands. “A lot offensive stuff and a lot physical violence,” he says half-kidding.

“It’s fully scripted believe it or not — full episodes, full scripts. ” says Kodjoe of the show. “Everything is scripted, but, of course, when you work with comedians that doesn’t mean anything. You might have the first line of the scene, then everybody takes off in their own directions.”

This season Kodjoe explores his smooth side, recording a new single with help from Eric Benet and Kelly Rowland.

“R Kelly, he’s already scared,” jokes Kodjoe. “He knows what’s coming: me, all in white, singing … with a Rolls Royce in the back, and an albino tiger.” All Kodjoe forgot about was the black panties.

Check him out taking about his new music game in the VIBE TV video above. Real Husbands of Hollywood debuts Tuesday (Oct. 15) at 10PM/9PM C.