REVIEW: Chopstick Graffiti’s ‘Kung Fu Bum’ Is Solid Tarantino-Styled Excitement

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Back in August, we were treated to the visual style of Chopstick Graffiti with the hilariously high-octane short, Kung Fu Bum.

Brooklyn’s own MC K. Gaines showcased his worldly charisma in this short, Kung Fu Bum, which was produced by Chopstick Graffiti.

For fans of the Sleepwalkas lyricist, after dropping the Cornball Cookie Cutter Cats Can’t Cut It On This album last year in March, Gaines hit the lab to concoct a new project that merges with the times. Collaborating with an incredible crew of aspiring filmmakers (Chopstick Graffiti), the group collaborated to create this martial arts inspired project as a precursor to his recently released debut Rumspringa — The Wildman Chronicle.

The Peter Lawton written-and-directed short finds Gaines as an impoverished member of the world community finding his place after his clan’s brutal murder. The Bum sets out on a quest for vengeance, but the picture asks the audience if revenge truly be enough. The Audience Award winning short does well in tone, subject matter, music and all-around excitement. With the traditional story of “man find redemption in action” leading the picture, Bum boasts solid appearances by musician Alex Ampadu and 2 Hungry Bros. producer Rob “Deep” Maldonado.

Over the course of three chapters, audiences are engaged with the thrilling short that harkens back to films like Enter The Wu-Tang, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Told in rather singular fashion, Gaines’ Bum persona openly narrates the conflict of losing his clan and finding the ones responsible. Choosing to fight his way through opposition to finally get to The Boss (Jermaine Smith), the Kung Fu Bum learns about himself, entertains the audience and doles out more death in a matter of moments.

As the wayward warrior meets wanderers (Raymond Rodriguez Jr.) and confronts a Bastard Monk (Nicholas Ortiz), Bum’s quest for vengeance is full of enjoyable moments.

Fight coordinator Orlando Cruz helps the story to unfold with a dazzling array of fight scenes. Whether it is a one-on-one showdown in an alley, or a brouhaha for it all on a sandy beach, Cruz, Lawton and Gaines give it a level of expertise, cunning and solid skill. If you need a good dose of adrenaline, and love to laugh, then don’t hesitate to watch Kung Fu Bum.

Don’t believe us?! Watch the recap video from the film’s Tribeca premiere below:

Make sure to check out the trailer and the crew who are all featured at A3C on October 6th in Atlanta!