Recap: Dim Mak Records And Jack in the Box Serve Up A Delicious Mix

What’s a merrymaker to do after an exhausting night of shaking one’s money-maker at Hollywood¹s Warholian Dim Mak Studios? Boasting over 2200 locations in 19 states, many operating 24-hour drive-through service for 24-hour party people, Jack in the Box¹s vast menu offers snacks and meals ranging from the piquant to the sweet, in addition to the holy grail of fast food: ’round-the-clock breakfast items, ideal for achieving the optimal booze:food ratio. Dovetailing with The House That Jack Built¹s tradition of serving a flavor for every craving, Jack in the Box and Dim Mak Studios provided a line-up that swapped oral sensations for a smashing aural prix fixe by presenting a DJ of various global origin for each partier’s palate.

The evening¹s effective, exuberant amuse bouche, Gotta Dance Dirty and Dim Mak¹s self-proclaimed resident selector Bones dominated the decks as monitors strewn around the cavernous Dim Mak Studios depicted cascading fireworks from the mouth of Jack I. Box himself, Jack in the Box¹s beloved founder and harbinger of munchies. Bones leaned into the beats tirelessly, raising the room¹s energy to meet that of the oncoming storm, Main Course¹s Astronomar. Blessing Los Angeles with his recently attained resident status, hip-hop aficionado Astronomar¹s brazen sensibilities attracted Diplo and Skrillex¹s admiration for a wealth of reasons. Astronomar read the room with a guard dog¹s acuity, meeting eyes with revelers and bringing the space to a frenzied mass of careening bodies amidst a backdrop of crashing measures layered with deep soul and funk dynamics. Main course indeed.

The evening¹s palate cleanser, Dim Mak¹s DJ Metric presided over Dim Mak Studios beautifully appointed Room 86, spinning stirring tunes replete with heartfelt vocals, inventive grooves and skillful breakdowns for the slightly less turnt up among us.

Midnight hailed the arrival of another hearty main course, Dim Mak/TOCA45¹s multi-instrumentalist sensation, prodigious remixer and co-conspirator to Benny Benassi, David Guetta, and Steve Aoki, German-born Tocadisco. With the crowd firmly cradled in the palm of his capable hands, Tocadisco¹s genre-bending methods of mayhem were as varied and exhilarating as the fresh tracks he features on his own curated hour of power, Tocacabana Radio Show. Tocadisco¹s sly affinity for unpredictability and his refusal to cling to the comfort zone of any genre or sub-genre made his set a musical non-confirmist¹s wet dream.

Tocadisco graciously handed us off to fellow multi-instrumentalist and Dim Mak label mate Garmiani, Sweden¹s brutally versatile Dance Motherfucker maestro. Garmiani, the final course of the evening functioned as the distinguished, ever-present maraschino cherry atop a thick Jack in the Box milkshake. Launching into razor-sharp mixes of hard house with heavy drops and reverberating synths, Garmiani¹s shark-toothed smile and deft hands bespoke the respect he feels for both his craft and audience. Garmiani¹s live performance brimmed with authenticity and glory, complimenting Tocadisco and the evening¹s prior performers with the harmony of a freshly baked black and white cookie; you may exhibit a preference for one side of the cookie but disappointment isn¹t a viable option.—Lauren Rothman

Photo Credit: Alexander Federic