Ryan Tedder Dishes on New Adele and Beyonce Music


Move over Miley and Rihanna- two of music’s biggest stars are back in town! One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, who is responsible for writing some of your favorite songs (“Halo,” Rumour Has It,” “Apologize”), tells E! Online that Adele sounds “even better than before” as she works on a new record.

“She’s still my favourite artist in the world. I would press pause on my entire life if it meant I could go into the studio for a month straight with her,” he says.

The Grammy Award winning writer/producer also calls Beyonce’s new album “mind blowing” while keeping release dates under wraps.

When asked about another singer with a penchant for twerking, Ryan hopes her fans don’t get the wrong impression.

“I don’t want 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-year-old girls staring at Miley thinking, ‘The biggest asset I have is my body, especially if it’s naked, and the more naked I get the more successful I can get. I want teenagers to be motivated to work hard, learn to write songs, practice your instrument,” he continued. “Become a phenomenal talent like Adele or Beyoncé. Don’t just take your damn clothes off.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images