Before Skrillex: The 10 Most Depressing Emo Tracks Sung By Sonny Moore

Before he was conjuring up ‘scary monsters’ and busting out the ‘bangarang,’ Skrillex was just a mild and meek kid going by the name Sonny Moore who got his first break serving as the vocalist for Tampa-based rock band, From First To Last. The guys were one of those typical emo groups, to say the least, sporting chipped nail polish, jet-black hair and scream-filled singles.

Though they never reached Good Charlotte or My Chemical Romance status, they were still able to dish out a couple of heart-wrenching, wrist-cutting tracks before Sonny Moore would jump ship to pursue a solo career. Here are some of the top ten most depressing emo tracks (just in time for Halloween) to help you let ‘noose.’ ->