Q&A: ‘SNL’ Star Bobby Moynihan & Method Man Talk New Animated Series ‘Chozen,’ Upcoming Film And Possible Music Collaboration

Who knew there was a bubbling bromance between the Wu Tang Clan’s most animated member and Drunk Uncle? SNL mainstay Bobby Moynihan and Method Man have teamed up for FXX’s new animated series Chozen, the toon tale of a gay white rapper named Chozen (Moynihan) who is released from prison and pursues his dreams of fame, despite the challenges he faces courtesy of his lyrical arch-nemesis Phantasm (Method Man).

On the final day of New York Comic Con (Oct. 13), the duo premiered episode 1 of the animated series alongside creator/ writer/ rapper-for-this-show Grant Dekernion and executive producer Tom Brady, both credited for the likes of Eastbound & Down and Archer. While the first five minutes call to mind the hip-hop cartoon version of NetFlix’s original smash Orange is the New Black, Chozen grabs for all demographics with half-naked male dancing teddy bears, catchy rap tunes and vulgar humor but overall, an unexpected underdog we can all root for.

Here, VIBE spoke with Meth and Bobby about their comic book counterparts and another joint venture they have in the works, which may or may not include music.—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

So when you were first approached about doing Chozen, were you thinking this could go extremely well or terribly wrong?
Bobby Moynihan: From the beginning, I was on-board. It’s so well written and I think it’s gonna be a brand new thing for so many people. From the start, I was on board. No apprehensions whatsoever.
Method Man: I like anybody that stays true to themselves and their character so I was on board off top.

Is there anything in your characters you wish you found in yourselves?
BM: I wish I was more like Chozen in the way of just living your life exactly how you want to live it and just trying to get to that spot where you’re happy with yourself.
MM:: The biggest comparison to Phantasm that I’d like to have would be the lifestyle, sort of, not everything, the big cars, the house, the jewelry, all the extra stuff ’cause now I’m married.

Now we’re at Comic Con so were there any comic book character or super hero the both of you always wanted to be as kids?
BM: I mean probably all of them at this point. Superman wouldn’t be so bad. I always like the big guys like the Blob. (Laughs)
MM: Since I’m a big comic book fan, I’d have to go with Molecule Man. He’s supposed to be the strongest villain and strongest character of the universe ’cause if you can control molecules, you can control everything.

Talk to me a little bit about the movie you both have coming out.
BM: We’re both in this film that we just shot called Staten Island Summer. Colin Jost, one of the SNL writers, wrote it. It was produced by Lorne Michaels. It was a blast.
MM: It was. I actually play a real person. His real name is Conko and they’re (Bobby’s character and Conko) are childhood friends. He wasn’t Black though but it’s interesting.

You two have obvious chemistry, on-screen and on-off. At the panel, you guys even whipped out a freestyle. Any chance for a real collaboration on wax?
MM: (Smiles) Anything’s possible.
BM: Anything’s possible. It probably wouldn’t be the best idea. (Laughs)
MM: For Bobby.
BM: Yeah, I’ll dance around like an idiot in the background but I’ll leave the music to him.

Keep an eye out for Chozen which is tentatively slated to debut on FXX in January 2014.

Photo Credit: Instagram