Stop Judging Vanessa Simmons’ Pregnancy

On Monday (September 30), Vanessa Simmons revealed that she is pregnant, by posting her sonogram photo to Instragram with the caption, “a little princess on the way.” When I heard the news I thought, “Oh, good for her” for a split second, and then I continued doing whatever it was that I was busy with at the time. But what makes us all so very unique as human beings is how we process information, and the fact that so many fornicators came out of the woodwork, judging Vanessa Simmons’ pregnancy, was unbelievable to me.

Most of the comments ranged from “How is she so proud to be a baby mother?” all the way to “See, this is the problem with Black women these days, spreading their legs for men who won’t put a ring on it!” And as I really took in some of the ignorant bullshit comments that people were directing at Simmons, I simply couldn’t understand how “congratulations” weren’t these peoples’ first thought. There’s nothing more hypocritical than a fornicator judging her for what essentially is the result of the same act the fornicator willingly and happily participates in.

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