Take A Ride In The 2013 Luxury Lincoln MKZ

Street elegance is the best way to describe the smooth rolling experience of driving the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. The contoured edges of the sleek speedster gives the ride an upscale essence. But don’t let the distinguished vision fool you, the 4-door sedan has a wild side as well. Once opened up on the highway (on a LA to Vegas round trip drive), the 25 miles per gallon promoted standard holds true. Most sedans rarely reach their advertised points.

Since gas usage and monthly payments are today’s consumers main inquiry, they can rest assured that the $36,800 price point fits the amenities and performance.

The first thing you notice when entering the ride is the complete plush interior, outfitted with puffy leather seats, polished wood accents and refined space design. The shifter center console is missing a very important piece…the gear shifter it self! That’s right. There isn’t a standard gear shift that your muscle memory is used to manually moving. It’s been replaced with a vertical button list on the dashboard that’s marked P, D, R, N, 1, 2. Different feel to press a button for Reverse rather than shift to that command. After getting acquainted with the new movement controls you’ll notice that the computerized operating system is a lot sharper as to understanding your verbal requests through the Sync program and the touch screen deck.

Asking for a particular artist, track, direction or phone number is super simple. If it gives you any verbal issue it’s probably more your incorrect pronunciation than it is the sweet voiced woman’s hearing ability. It’ll take some what of a learning curve to understand the path of commands but once you’ve got it, you’ll love it.

The incredible digital interior add-ons aren’t the highlight of this vehicle. One of my personal favorite features is the blind side/spot alert system. While highway traveling would make one think that it would be easier to notice a car in your blind spot, it totally isn’t. But fear not as the MKZ has side mirror lights that aluminate when a car is trailing in that shadow or blocked area you can’t catch while rolling. If you don’t respond to that signal, while trying to merge into the desired lane, the car will deny your move with a buzzing of the steering wheel to either wake you up or notify you of the car lurking stealthy. Incredible feature that’s sure to save a lot of side swipes.

It’s also outfitted with the latest upgrades to the digital intelligence. Your maps and guiding system will notify you of changing traffic conditions on the fly. The music options are varied and more robust with USB, Bluetooth and Satellite radio selections.

One of the most important check point lists is space. There is tons of it. From the 8 pig fitting trunk, to the leg room friendly back seats to the extra storage area lower center console, the MKZ accommodates lovely.

Easy steering, sharp look and a secret speed freak alter ego makes this 240-horsepower machine one to ride with.

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