Taking Off: The Smart Way to Fly Sexy


At one point or another, we’ve all braved the daunting terminals of a major airline hub in heels with baggage in hand; relishing those first few steps as we become empowered by our fabulousness. Then, one hour and 2 miles of moving walkway later, we regret our decision to rock those pretty little pumps and curse ourselves for checking the luggage in which our comfy flats are contained.  We must give props to the minority of vixens that refuse to be caught in anything short of 4 inches while jet setting.  However, for the rest of us traveling comfortably does not have to mean compromising style.

Here are some tips for traveling practically while preserving your sexy.

-Daria A. Diaz, Vixen’s Resident Globetrotting Guru

Photo Credit: gaganews.com

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