Then And Now: Rave Culture Of The Past Vs. EDM Of Today In A Few Photos

As Day One of Amsterdam Dance Event commences, we are copping a moment to reflect on the “resurgence” of dance music (did it ever go away? Just asking). These days, “rave” is a four-letter word (equated with narcotics—mainly “molly”—used in all the latest rap joints), scrubbed out and replaced with the impervious “F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L;” a thinly veiled attempt to define the emergence of electronic dance music (EDM) and make it dignified. Witnessing live music, absorbing good energy and being wowed by a DJ’s meticulous moves is what the scene is (or should be) about. Baring that lofty notion in mind, try paying attention to what’s happening at ADE 2013. Explore DJs you may not be familiar with, and since this is music—thus supposed to be fun—check out VIBE’s “Then and Now” photos comparing peak ‘90s raver days to the current EDM craze. A few things have changed. -@SarahPolonsky