Twitter Sets I.P.O. Prices At $17 to $20 a Share

The social media wunderkind has disclosed its intentions to the much anticipated initial public offering. Do you have enough to dough to play ball with Twitter? Twitter set a price range for its shares that was below what many analysts had expected. The Internet darling announced that it planned to sell 70 million shares at $17 to $20 each. At that range, during the midpoint, the offering would raise about $1.3 billion and would value Twitter at about $10 billion, excluding options. Once that and restricted stock units are placed into the mix, the company would be valued at more than $12 billion. The New York Times broke down all the numbers for any interested buyers. This signals the impending metamorphosis of the micro-messaging service into a publicly traded company. Now, that its hit the road for investors, will you buy in or opt out? Props: USA Today