Unreleased: Watch A Revealing Kanye West Interview From 2002

This might be the best thing you see all week.

For someone who changes voices depending on the interview and calls himself a God nowadays, Kanye comes off so innocently human here, even while he self-edits what he says because he knows MTV will grab some sound clips for quotes.

Throughout the video of the nascent genius, Kanye speaks on how the support from his mom helped him believe in himself, doing beats for free, how The College Dropout is meant to bridge the gap between conscious rap and superstardom, and how he got his start making beats for Common (plus an insightful story about how a producer told him that speeding up vocal samples was in at the time).

The balance of childlike energy and preternatural presentation ability shows an up-and-coming producer transforming into a worldwide star, and the interview is just littered with jewels throughout the entire hour, including extra details from the story he tells on Last Call. Check out the vintage Kanye footage above.

via Illroots