Vashtie Discusses Her New ‘IceCream Girl’ Creative Director Role

Pharrell’s former beau Vashtie Kola, has been named the creative director of Ice Cream Girl – an affiliate clothing line within the Billionaire Boys Club imprint. In a recent interview with JAY Z’s Life + Times, the multi-talented fashionista discussed her new role and vision for the forthcoming brand.

“My duties as creative director includes concepting the entire collection for the season, coming up with the theme, the reference, designing, figuring out how the product may or may not be marketed and identifying which stores the collection should be involved with,” she explained. “It’s a range of duties. As far as my daily duties, they sort of change day by day, but I spend a lot of my time with my designer. She and I work together and basically come up with ideas, concept and design while always keeping the consumer in mind and understanding who our customer is.”

Ice Cream Girl is set to launch nearly two years after Pharrell introduced Billionaire Girls Club. The success of BGC, BBC and Ice Cream in the fashion industry is what drew Vashtie to the position. Aside from her relationship with Pharrell, she says she has always felt connected to them as a creative entity.

“They understood my vision, which I’m very grateful for,” she says. “They allowed me to do what I see fit for the brand. They’ve given me a lot of creative freedom and they’ve entrusted me with the brand, which means a lot to me. It was a no-brainer when they approached me with the project. It all made sense, and in a way it wasn’t me necessarily doing insane work or me trying to connect the dots. It was all already there. I’m basically designing a collection that I would wear.”

via [Life + Times]