VIBE At 20: Aliya S. King Talks Writing ‘Mean Girls Of Morehouse’ Exposé

VIBE’s “Mean Girls Of Morehouse” exposé is not only the most controversial story of Aliya S. King’s storied career, but also one of the most instantly explosive pieces in VIBE history.

The article shines light on a sect of students at the iconic all-male HBCU who inspired a dress code that prohibited cross-dressing (including heels, dresses and makeup). In a search that took more than a year, King sat down with the students to hear their takes on being targeted by the official school dress code and the irony of the discrimination they faced while at Morehouse, the same school that produced a young Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 60 years prior. And once the story was out, she realized the camaraderie that exists at black colleges.

“It was as if I was talking about somebody’s mom,” she says, admitting that she received death threats following the article’s publication.

Click the videos for the backstory on a piece that became the talk of college grounds in Atlanta and beyond.