VIBE & RapGenius Present: Decoding 7 Dope Lines From Pusha T’s ‘MNIMN’ LP


If there’s one thing Pusha T is known for, it’s his affinity for dope bars. That is, bars that are literally about cocaine. While his drug affiliation is a frequent theme in his music, King Push rarely dabbles in the usual euphemisms for coke (brick, blow, white, snow). In fact, some of Pusha’s bars are so layered, entendres so subtle, one might not even realize he’s making a drug reference. He’s the Langston Hughes of hard white lines. Coke rap’s poet laureate.

Pusha’s long-awaited solo debut album My Name is My Name dropped on Tuesday with A1 lyrics. Double meanings, clever metaphors, and witty punchlines are delivered consistently across the LP; bringing new meaning to the term “crack music”. Here are the most artful coke raps from G.O.O.D. Music’s king pin that just might blow over your head (pun intended). —Nicole Otero