Victor Cruz Reveals Dad Used To Whip Him With Cable Wire On Hip Hop Improv Show

During Victor Cruz’s appearance on Cipha Sounds’ HipHop Improv showcase Friday (Oct. 4), the laugh attacks took a revealing turn when the New York Giants wide receiver admitted that his father beat him with a cable wire.

Part of the show requires guests to tell personal stories that are used as material for the comedians, and Cruz shared the time he got into a fight in the ninth grade. When Cruz came home, the Roc Nation Sports signee endured his punishment and received a few lashes courtesy of his late Pops.

“I am sorry to all Giants fans for keeping Vic out late on Friday, but he did tell some amazing stories,” said Cipha Sounds. “First athlete to do the show and boy was it a doozy… His dad beat him with the cable wire. That’s just crazy.”

Watch the clip above.