Video Premiere: Black Eskimo + Instagram = Over 600 “Beautiful” Women

Black Eskimo, the electronic soul project by indie pop star Ingrid Chavez and hip-hop producer Marco Valentin, took to Instagram to crowdsource images for it their latest video “Beautiful”. The result? Selfies from more than 600 women of all kinds, and all ages, from all over the world. Taken from this summer’s double EP, ‘Deep & Heady’, the song and video for “Beautiful” are particularly close to Ingrid’s heart as an artist and a mother of two daughters. “There are so many wonderful women who love what I do and I wanted to be able to include them somehow in the video. I decided that Instagram would be a great way for fans to participate by submitting photos of themselves or photos of the women in their lives that they find beautiful. It makes me happy every time I watch it and see all of these lovely women, young and old, popping up in the video.” And pop they do, along to a funky beat reminiscent of her work with Prince but pumped by a deeper groove that goes boom and is fast becoming Black Eskimo’s infectious signature sound. Turn it up, and share it with the “Beautiful” women in your life!