Vixen Chat: ‘Hart of Dixie’ Actress Antoinette Robertson

Antoinette RobertsonWho would have ever thought that a chemistry grad from Stony Brook University would become the new breakout star on the CW hit show Hart of Dixie? Not Antoinette Robertson, but after taking a theater class as an elective, she developed a passionate hunger for acting, and like the cliche goes, the rest was history. The Bronx native who was raised in Jamaica, is not only intoxicatingly talented and a woman of God, but she’s so humble, you can’t help but wishes she was your BFF.

The actress, who plays a spoiled, troublemaker, Lynly—dished on her character and co-star Jaime King and Rachel Bilson.

“They are amazing and so nice. It’s crazy how they can memorize their lines on a whim, so easily and effortlessly.” The pros even gave her some acting tips. “They told me not to worry because everyone forgets their lines.” On being Lynly, Antoinette created her own backstory for the character and even got some personal inspiration. “I knew someone who could basically get her way with everyone and used her as my muse. I had a lot of fun in the audition, playing some many different sides.”

Photo Credits: Bobby Quillard

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