Vixen Chat: ‘Hart of Dixie’ Actress Antoinette Robertson

Antoinette Robertson

Always an advocate for giving back, she admits that Antoinette developed it from her mother who owns a nursing home in Jamaica, that treats people with alsemizers like her grandfather. “My mom is my mentor because she took something she was passionate about and made a difference. I love to give back to my community. Being blessed so much I have to give back in some way. I don’t give my clothes to salvation army—I send them back home to Jamaica, especially to the church because Jamaica is a third world country and they don’t have the resources that we have.”

Besides being a Good Samaritan—the beauty who once modeled for the Dark and Lovely hair brand and was featured in a McDonalds commercial confessed that between filming for Hart of Dixie and the gym, she has no social life. “I don’t know that I have a personal life at the moment. Between going to gym, my daily phone calls to my mom, church, and trying to stay on top of my lines, there is no social life.” Still, Antoinette admits that she tries to find time to hang with her girls and have become somewhat of the outdoorsy type (I mean she does live in LA.) “I go to karaoke with my friends and I love the beach. I actually started to hike, it’s fun.”

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