Vixen Chat: ‘Hart of Dixie’ Actress Antoinette Robertson

Antoinette RobertsonAntoinette is quite an inspirational speaker as well. Antoinette lives by this advice: “luck is opportunity meets perspiration. You have to constantly stay ready and take every opportunity.” She confessed that her courage to not let fear come in the way of her dreams was by far her greatest accomplishment. “Allowing myself to be brave by doing something that wasn’t guaranteed and pursuing my happiness was my greatest success. Believe that you can do something and it will happen. Windows were where walls once was. It took a while, but doors flew open.”

A lover of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, Antoinette admits that the biggest hurdle about being an actress was not knowing if she was good enough. “In the beginning, not knowing the reason why you weren’t pick and not getting any affirmation was my biggest struggle. It makes you question your worth but there’s a lot of politics going into play, sometimes it’s not about you.” Still, her love for acting outweighs her fears and the struggles she faces as an actress—which is the driving force of why she acts. “You don’t want get to a point where your miserable, so don’t settle because you’re afraid.”

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