Vixen Chat: K. Michelle Dishes on Upcoming Tour, Rebellious Soul and ‘LHHNY’


K. Michelle is riding on a high right now. Her debut album, Rebellious Soul topped the Billboard 200 charts at number two, the highest debut on the main chart for a female R&B singer’s first album since 2001. Vibe Vixen got a chance to catch up with the Love and Hip-Hop beauty as she prepares for her upcoming tour, which kicks off November 4 in San Francisco, her role on this season of Love and Hip-Hop New York and transitioning into her move to the big apple. —Kandice Lawson

Vibe Vixen: On the success of Rebellious Soul:

K Michelle: “I’m very excited about it, I think music speaks for itself when it comes to artists, its not a lot you have to say the music normally says it. I was shocked by the success of it and the continued success of it, I think a lot of people were but the main thing for me was being able to put out a great body of work and letting people take to it.”

Her favorite song on ‘Rebellious Soul’:

“I have two favorite songs, ‘Ride Out’ and ‘Sometimes.’ I absolutely love the beat on ‘Ride Out’ and ‘Sometimes’ I just love the old soul in it.”

Her proudest moment since releasing ‘Rebellious Soul’:

“I would just say my album signings. To really see different  women, different faces even men just all line up in order to meet you and they have your album in hand and they’re rooting for you, so that’s a great moment within my career recently.”

Hardest thing to deal with while promoting album, etc.:

“Just time. For me its been being able to juggle being a mother, being an artist, being on tv shows, moving, trying to open my first business. Its just been a lot.”

What to expect from her tour:

“You get to see me in my element. Its a time for ladies to have a good time, laugh, cry and its a very young, upbeat show. Its full of energy so its a lot of fun. I like seeing everybody. There’s some cities on there that I’ve never performed in or been to so that’s exciting to be able to say “well let me see how this city is” and it’ll be my first of many more of my times back in those cities so I’m looking forward to it.”

Favorite part about touring:

“This will be my third tour, this will be my first tour and I’m ready to see my supporters every night getting onstage, being able to vent and leaving your whole self on that stage every night. Any artist would want that, and to be able to make money and do that every night is amazing.”