Vixen Chat: K. Michelle Dishes on Upcoming Tour, Rebellious Soul and ‘LHHNY’


Collaborating with her friend, ‘Refill’ singer Elle Varner:

“She has a song that she wanted me to get on and let me hear but I have yet to do it but we’ll see.”

What to expect from K on Love and Hip-Hop New York and if she bonded with the cast:

“Not a lot from me. This really wasn’t my show, I’m really not in every episode or anything like that, I’m kinda like a special guest, in and out. I didn’t really film with a lot of people I wanted to keep the drama down I let it be known to VH1 at this of my reality star career and music career I’m very funny about who I want to sit with within my brand and who’s not gonna try to fight with me to help them propel so I’ve been very funny about them.”

Who she still keeps in contact with from LHHATL:

“I still speak Joseline and I still speak to Karlie. I wish them well, those were the girls, its so funny the personalities, those were the girls that checked on me through my album, they weren’t jealous, they were actually happy for me.”

In regards to her own reality show:

“I have my own show on VH1 and it’s called ‘No New Friends’ and its focusing on me and my first album by the time this comes out it’ll be time for my second album so you’ll probably get to see me working on my second album, my business will be open by then.”

On her upcoming new business:

“I’m gonna talk about it soon. [laughs]”

Someone she would like to work with soon:

“I would like to work with Pink. I really like her, she’s real fiesty like me she says whatever and I respect her as an artist.”

What’s next for K. Michelle:

“Right now I’m on the road a lot and focusing on repackaging my album for Christmas. Christmas music will be added to it, that’s the real focus right now.”