Vixen Chat: Marcella Aracia Talks Breaking Into the Music Industry and What Keeps Her Motivated

Marcella Aracia isn’t a household name yet, but her music is. This vixen is responsible for helping create hits after hits for prominent figures in music like Chris Brown, Pink, and Missy Elliott. Being one of five females in a class of 170 was one of the few obstacles this engineer would face throughout her career but it didn’t discourage her—it motivated her. “I did everything with a smile, I didn’t care what was asked of me; I just did it,” she says. “I didn’t want a pity party because I was a female.”

Vixen chatted with Marcella about her journey to get here, the obstacles she’s overcome, and her red bottoms. Flip the page to learn more about this boss lady.

VIBE Vixen: There aren’t many women audio engineers. What made you want to pursue it?
Marcella Aracia: I always wanted to do something in the music business. Engineering didn’t come as something that I grew up wanting to do; it actually came my way a little bit after I graduated high school. I was introduced to a school in Orlando called Full Sail by my brother. When I went to the school to do a tour, the school offered an audio engineering program, which at the time I was like I know what it is but I really don’t know. [But the] school offers a real life work environment so I got to walk into like what a real recording studio would be and I really had my moment of clarity of knowing what I wanted to pursue. So it was that moment that I said to myself that I wanted to come back, I told myself I would come back in six months. I would go back to Miami, work my butt off and save money and come back in six months, which is what I ended up doing. I started six months later and graduated a year after that.