Vixen Chat: Marcella Aracia Talks Breaking Into the Music Industry and What Keeps Her Motivated

marcella araicaWhat kept you motivated?
Just me loving what I did or what I was trying to do. But on the flipside it was so much discouragement and people didn’t believe that I would be able to make it in such a male dominated field. We had a classroom of about 165-170 students and only five of us were female. So you could kind of get an idea of what I was about to enter when I really got into the field. There were no female instructors in the program so I would just get a lot of people that didn’t believe or would think that I would get it easy because I was a female and I didn’t want that. I was like if I have to scrub these toilets, if I have to sit here and drive 30 miles to find somebody some fried shrimp because that’s exactly where they want it from, I did everything with a smile. I didn’t care what was asked of me, I just did it. I never wanted any pity; I didn’t want a pity party because I was a female. Even when it came to things in the studio like lifting heavy equipment I would at least attempt it.

Who was the first person that you worked with and how did it happen?
First person that I ever worked with was Missy Elliott. I was in my internship for two months and at the time Missy was based in Miami and she was notorious for calling the studio manager while she was en route to the studio without having a session booked like “Hey I’m on my way! I want to work today.” It was one of those instances and the studio manager was trying to rally up everybody but he didn’t have enough staff so he basically was like [to me],“are you ready?” And that was my first opportunity to be an assistant engineer in a room.. 

What’s your favorite project that you’ve ever worked on?
Working on Nelly Furtado’s album called “Loose” we did with Timbaland and Danja is my favorite. It was just so much fun; it was raw.

What was your most surprising one?
Not that I was surprised but I think my session I had with Pink, when we recorded “Sober,” went well. I always thought she was such a talented person but when I actually met her, she’s just a cool, down chick. When you see her in her videos or her interviews you might think that’s just a little personality of hers but it’s like who she really is.

Who was your favorite person to work with?
I love working with Danja and Timbaland—I love being in a room with those two creative nuts. It’s fun. It’s just so much creativity and Tim is just so out there. He’s a good time. As far as an artist, I love working with Usher, I’ve been working with him for a very long time and he’s a sweetheart and so humble.