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Vixen Chat: Selita Ebanks on Her Beauty Secrets, Working With Kevin Hart and Philanthropy

Vixen Chat - Selita Ebanks TwitterSelitaEbanks

Selita Ebanks started off as one of Victoria's sexiest little secrets and now she's taking the world  by storm with her philanthropic efforts. The Cayman born bombshell has also been busy making her mark with the charity, Shopify, while modeling and acting. With her crazy busy schedule, it's a mystery how she manages to stay looking flawless through it all. This triple threat revealed some of her beauty and fitness secrets, what it was like to work with Kevin Hart on the Real Husbands of Hollywood and most importantly, how she finds time to give back. —Christal Somar

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Selita ebanksEven though you aren't a Victoria's Secret Angel anymore, are you still involved in modeling?

Yes, but right now, I'm focused on acting. Actually, Real Husbands of Hollywood premieres October 15th. I'm in a few episodes and I'm so excited and a little nervous. Kevin Hart was a pleasure to work with; he's the funniest, silliest, goofiest guy in the world. It's so funny because I'm on set working with all of these guys and I kind of just blended right in. Maybe because I have so many brothers, it was so easy to loosen up and be funny. It was like an improv class 101 because these guys are so good. They would literally go off script and come right back. I'm like "Wait, wait, wait! That's not in the script. Then I'm like oh okay, I got it!" You have to be witty and quick. It's going to be a really great season.

So you would really love to pursue acting now?

Absolutely! I'm still auditioning. You know, I'm always trying to evolve. I'm still pushing myself and challenging myself. I love a good challenge. I try to go out for roles that are different from what is expected of me.

You're always so busy between modeling, acting and your philanthropy. How do you manage to stay so fit?

You know what, that's so funny. As a model, I'm definitely not model size. It's really hard. I turned 30 this year and my body is freaking out. There are some days I wake up and I'm five pounds heavier, and the next day I wake up, I have a freaking six pack. It's like what is going on! It's insane! My schedule is crazy so I don't get to work out every singe day. I'm definitely more focused and concerned about the things that I eat. I have small portions. I used to skip breakfast all the time because my call times were always so early, but now, I definitely try to eat breakfast every single day. Even if I don't have time to eat lunch or if I eat dinner late, I try to eat healthier things like a juice or a salad. As much as I love wings, I'm like, "Put the wings down, girl! Put the wings down!"

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Selita-Ebankss-New-Yorkers-for-Children-Fall-GalaWell, it seems like it's working. You looked amazing at the New Yorkers for Children Fall Gala.

Thank you, thank you! To wear that dress took a lot of coaching. I've never worn anything as risqué like that before. It was between my hair, makeup, stylist and best friend; it took them about thirty minutes to get me in that dress because I was just like, "You guys are crazy. There's no way I'm going to wear that!" And honestly, I didn't even realize that it was so revealing until I saw the photos. But you know what, I'm not going to lie, the whole night I didn't breathe. I was definitely in inhale position all night.

What is your must have beauty product?

For me, it has to be moisturizer. As women, we think we don't need it but moisturizing keeps your skin supple and soft, and it also helps prevent those fine lines and open pores. Actually, I buy this product from CVS called Avalon Organics. It is amazing! I have this big ole forehead so I can't be shining all over the place! It absorbs into the skin really easily, quickly and it doesn't leave a shine that you have to put powder on top of because that's not good for your skin either. It leaves your complexion really radiant. And another thing, women don't exfoliate. If you don't exfoliate, wearing moisturizer is going to be pointless because then it's going to sit on top of your skin and not get into your pores. Ladies, please, please exfoliate! At least once a week.

What is your favorite Fall trend?

Oh man, Fall is my favorite season. I like Fall because you get to layer on. I'm really loving the chunky sweaters for Fall. I love mixing prints and fabrics so I love this whole trendy look right now with the chunky sweaters with the wooly skirts and with maybe some boots to mix hard and soft. You know, masculine and feminine at the same time. Throw on a sloppy hat or something. Super chic, easy, ready to go. I'm really loving that.

Speaking of Fall, it's football season and you're a huge Jets fan. How'd you get into football?

My dad. I really honestly didn't have a choice. I remember being five years old and sitting on my dad's lap and him going over plays with me and cheering on the Jets. And green is my favorite color. I'm super proud of the Jets this season, I'm happy we have a new quarterback. Even if they don't make it to the playoffs, it's really great to see them doing so well.

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Vixen Chat - Selita Ebanks BET Blogs

You're super involved and focused on your philanthropy. What are some projects you're working on?

My philanthropy, it never stops. Recently I had the honor of participating in this amazing experience with Cash and Rocket. There were 70 women and 35 cars. We drove through Italy in a red sports car wrapped up in the Cash and Rockets logo, along with our sponsors'. We drove to raise money for three charities: my charity, Shine On Sierra Leone, Orphan Aid and one more. It was just an amazing experience. It was our first time doing it so we didn't raise as much money as we would like to but it was our first year and next year I'm looking forward to it. Just recently, I started working with the New York food banks. Right now I'm in their ads and working with them is just really awesome. There are so many woman and children in need of food in New York City so it's a really great motivation. And of course, New Yorkers for Children, which is so dear to my heart because when I was younger, I was in foster care for a very short period of time. But it definitely stuck with me and I just wanted to give back to that organization.

One of your projects is Shopify's Build a Business competition. Tell us a little about that and how you're involved.

I will be one of the mentors this year. I'm learning as I'm going along and I'm so glad to be working with Shopify. It's really great because it creates a platform for people to start their business. Everyday I get all of these great proposals and ideas thrown at me about starting businesses and I always try to encourage them, especially young people. Don't talk about it, be about it and this is a really great way for them to start it. There's really no excuse when it comes to Shopify, they really do everything for you. All you have to do is focus on the business.

What advice would you give to someone involved in the competition?

I think what my advice would be is to just stick with it. The first year of any business is always the hardest and Shopify really helps eliminate the process of running a business. It really does make it a lot easier so you can focus on perfecting your business. One idea should always evolve in something bigger and better. Case in point, the iPhone. You know, they're always evolving and creating something bigger and faster. That's how you stay on top. Don't become comfortable in your idea, it should continue to grow.

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